Balancing Diet With Physical Activity

Dieting is difficult, because of the constant temptation to eat. The body needs calories, and it quickly becomes offended whenever it must fetch spare calories from fat cells and the liver. If a person goes hungry long enough, then fat cells themselves seem to cry out for help. A major fitness issue is balancing the desire to diet with the need for nutrition.

A person is generally healthier when they are skinnier. Fewer pounds means less stress on the back. There is also less strain on internal organs, which must pump blood and process toxins produced by a greater number of cells. Huskier people are not morally bad, but they would probably feel more comfortable and at liberty if they could shed a few pounds. There are definite long term health benefits to being skinny.

A person starves whenever they receive far fewer calories than they expend. The body reacts to severe calorie shortfalls, and the end result is a tremendous feeling of discomfort. In addition to a persistent feeling of hunger, the body often responds by lowering its metabolism. Poor diet can affect personal mood and performance in a wide range of tasks.

The brain needs calories; a body at rest might spend 20 percent of its energy on keeping the mind active. The digestive system is another passive burner of calories, as are the heart and liver. While these systems can obtain their energy from fat, they would rather do it from food being absorbed into the blood stream.

The secret is to seduce the body into being comfortable with a slow starvation. This means eating enough food to keep the body comfortable, but otherwise burning more calories than are being ingested. Feelings of hunger actually fade while exercising, and exercise is key to boosting the metabolism throughout the day.

A diet rich in vegetables helps to cut calories. The fiber from vegetables take longer to digest, and they keep the stomach full without adding many calories. Exercising throughout the day is another way to fight hunger. A healthy diet and exercise will let the body balance itself.